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Why We're Different


Welcome to Keune Haircosmetics, the industry-leading hair product company on the market. Keune has been around for over 100 years, and their products fill the salons of award-winning stylists across the world. Here's a few reasons we love them, and why we're certain you will too.



Their Experience

Keune has been around since 1922. They're a family-owned company that does business with a personal touch. They empower the users of their products to be the best version of themselves.


Their Ingredients

Keune Haircosmetics products contain no artificial fragrances, are packed full of plant extracts and essential oils, free from sulfates and parabens, and of course, vegan-friendly.


Their Care

Keune uses bio-based plastics, reduces water waste, and utilizes solely solar energy for all of their manufacturing plants. Did we mention that they are a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved facility?


Their Quality

Keune Color gives you countless ways to create such magical moments. Thanks to their gentle formulas and added ingredients like silk proteins, your hair is left protected to the scalp, with no harsh or cruel chemicals used.


Their Reputation

Because the haircosmetics industry is constantly changing, Keune stays up-to-date on trends & fashions. They continually provide educational courses for their stylists to understand and use their products in the best way possible.

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